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Do you want to buy a mouse? Perfect, here I show you all brands , types , colors , reviews and a complete guide to buy a computer mouse or gamer.

Buy a basic mouse

These mice are simple, basic, for general use. You do not have to break your head looking for one, choose the cheapest and ready. They are all terrain. I recommend the following.

Buy a gamer mouse

Get ready , here comes the interesting thing. If there is something that many of us Internet users share, it is the pleasure to distract us for a while on our computer with one of our favorite games, in fact there are those who devote enough time to it. For all those people who enjoy the games in a casual or constant way, we bring you the best guide to get the perfect mouse gamer.

Why buy a mouse gamer?

The truth is that not everyone considers this factor as a necessity when it comes to putting together a PC gamer, and it is understandable, but when we talk about a mouse gamer it is necessary to live it to understand it. The ergonomic  and functional advantages  are enormous compared to the standard mice that we can find in the market. The addition of factors such as a better sensor, extra buttons, wireless connection, etc., make a huge difference in the experience of playing.


Flashy design with lighting

This is undoubtedly one of the first things that the client observes on the mouse and is that a striking exterior with lights and other arrangements is undoubtedly a temptation for anyone. Being a superficial issue, it is already on the client’s side if you want to buy a mouse with an attractive exterior that combines with your monitor and your CPU that makes it the envy of anyone who sees it.

Additional buttons

Just as there are different types of gamers there are different kinds of mouse with specifications for each use, many times these come with additional buttons that are very useful for certain types of games. For example, there are mouse for shooter games that have an extra button at the thumb level to aim and shoot, mouse with extra arrows for role-playing games and online games. Being able to have additional buttons that facilitate certain tasks in a game is a critical factor for many professional players who are looking for their perfect set and it is undoubtedly a great advantage that is worth applying.


DPI or dots per inch, is the unit used to measure the sensitivity of a mouse, the more DPI it has, the more sensitive it will be and the better it will capture the movement. The normal thing for people who do not play any kind of video game on their computers is to get a mouse that has about 1000 to 2000 DPI but for the use of a gamer a mouse that has about 2000 to 3000 DPI is ideal. In this way, the mouse will capture every movement we make and interpret it perfectly. Although not be seduced by this feature, of course it is very important and must be taken into account when buying the perfect mouse, but remember that DPI measures sensitivity and not precision, so that a DPI that goes above the 3000 is usually more annoying than useful when playing.

Choose the mouse according to your grip

Palm grip

The most common and for many users is the most comfortable, the palm grip consists of placing the entire palm on the mouse and pressing the buttons with the body of the fingers instead of using the tips. This grip has advantages, is more comfortable and requires less effort from the user but also makes the reactions slower. If this is your style, make sure you have a large and wide mouse with few extra buttons.

Claw grip

The claw grip consists, as the name implies, a claw shape in the hand, the palm has little contact with the mouse and the buttons are touched with the finger sluts. This grip gives greater click speed but causes exhaustion. If this is your grip we suggest a  not very large mouse , it can have several buttons and, above all, it must have a good mousepad.

Tips grip

Finally, the grip of tips is quite characteristic, the user uses the tips of his fingers to maneuver the mouse and the palm has no contact with the mouse. Like the previous one, we suggest a mouse that is not very large but wide enough to allow you to feel comfortable and not very forced.

Choose an optical or laser gamer mouse?

Optical mouse

In theory,  a mouse with an optical sensor  is more effective than a mouse with a laser sensor because these are more recent, the difference can sometimes go unnoticed by the inexperienced eye but many gamers agree that an optical sensor is better because at its speed and accuracy.

Laser mouse

This device is the oldest of the two, although it is quite loyal it does not have the precision and sensitivity offered by the optical reader, so if you do not need exact accuracy we recommend that you use a  mouse with a laser sensor , it is more Cheap and also very good.

Choose a wireless or wired mouse?


The  advantages of a wireless mouse  are obvious, it is more convenient to transport, there are no limitations when it comes to moving, you will never suffer from a tangled cable that can damage the equipment and much more. Of course, it also has a negative side, and it is that the wireless mice work with batteries which represents a greater expense. Those that are recharged require the user to recharge them or they may turn off at the most inopportune moment.


Reliable, useful and classic is the  wired mouse . This model is widely used by many and does not have the disadvantages of the LAG suffered by wireless mice.

Basic concepts

  • Prediction of snapping of angles : mouse feature that allows to predict the movement of the user’s hand and make perfect lines without imperfections.
  • LIFT OFF distance or lifting distance : travel between the sensor and a surface to which the mouse lets you capture the movements that are made.
  • Maximum tracking speed : refers to the maximum speed that the pointer can have to travel through the screen.
  • Lag or delay : period of time that exists between the movement of your hand and the perception in the computer, when it is very large it makes difficult the use of the mouse.
  • Skipping of pixels : phenomenon that causes mouse movement to skip over one another pixel.
  • Jittering : unwanted tremor of the pointer on the screen.
  • Pixel walk : even mouse movement at low speeds.
  • Rattle : strange sound like a maraca from the mouse.
  • Acceleration or measurement errors : mouse failure that occurs when the position of the mouse is not well measured compared to that of the pointer.
  • Spin out : phenomenon that occurs when the mouse is at a certain angle and does not capture the movements in the correct way, that is, when you rotate the mouse and try to move from left to right and the cursor moves from top to bottom.


In conclusion, a mouse gamer is perfect when its user feels comfortable with it, that’s all that matters. We can not say that there is a model that is ideal for everyone because the tastes are subjective so if you follow all the advice we have already provided you can find the perfect mouse gamer for you.